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What We Offer

NQ Air Service & Installation supplies only the leading brands so you are always buying the best quality products.We offer the best value guaranteed on all our Air Conditioning Systems, and a range of supply and installation packages to suit your needs. NQ Air Service & Installation use and recommend Daikin and Fujitsu. NQ Air Service & Installation offers a 12 month installation warranty on install.


Keep your home comfortably cool all year with the perfect residential air conditioning system for your property. Whether you live in an apartment, town house or multi story home, we can tailor your residential air conditioning installation to match your needs and life style.

Servicing & Maintenance

An air conditioner that is regularly serviced and maintained will run better and last longer. Regular and ongoing maintenance gives you the piece of mind knowing that you air conditioner can be relied upon and will constantly work at its opium capacity.


Whether your air conditioner is in your home or office, if it stops working this can cause the environment to become uncomfortable or the air to become stale. All air conditioning units can unfortunately have some issues after years of use. This is not only frustrating but can be very inconvenient. Having a working air conditioner not only maintains a comfortable temperature, but they also provide many other benefits which can include, reducing humidity and improving air quality.